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Privacy at is just as important as our commitment to providing you the best enema products on the market today. This policy describes how we keep your personal information private. We reserve the right to update our company policies as we see fit.

Last update of Company Policies: January 28, 2009


Privacy Policy will not misuse your personal information.

  • We will never sell your information to any outside mailing lists. This includes name and address, e-mail, phone number or any information in our system relating to you and your order.

  • We will never mail you unwanted information.

  • We will keep credit card information safe by maintaining the most secure online transaction process possible. We use the industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption during our checkout process provided by Equifax.

  • Security of our systems and information is of up most importance. All computers are double password protected and personal information is stored offline. Obviously we must receive your order information when online but this is done from a separate computer and is promptly deleted after entering all information into our offline computer.

Your Information Is Only Used Where Necessary.

When you place an order with you provide us with five pieces of information. Here is a summary of how we use them.

  • Your Billing Address - Your billing address is used to verify that the person placing the order matches the person who owns the credit card. This process is done through an "Address Verification System" which uses the numeric value of your street address and your zip code. These two numbers are entered into the system and verified against the address where you credit card bill is sent. For example: If John Doe who lives at 455 Main St in Small town, NY 12345 placed an order, the system would verify the digits (455 and 12345) and tell us that the address verifies. The term billing address refers only to where your monthly credit card bill is does not send anything to your billing address.

  • Your Shipping Address - The shipping address is used only to ship your order.

  • Your e-mail address -Your e-mail address is used to receive automated order confirmation and shipping confirmation only.

  • Your Phone Number - Is used as an additional verification to the "Address Verification System" mentioned above. Your number is also used for international mail, FedEx shipments, or when we need to call you to discuss an issue with your order.

  • Your Credit Card Information - Is used only to process your transaction. Your card is charged only after items are verified in stock.

We feel that our privacy policy is the absolute best in the industry and we hope that you agree.

Legal Issues

  • Occasionally, A transaction is involved in a legal dispute (usually credit card fraud). If information is requested from us in the form of a subpoena (a legal demand for information or appearance) we are required to provide it. If this occurs, our policy is to first contact our customer to inform them of our legal obligations. This is not a common issue, and generally affects only people who are committing credit card fraud but we are required to mention it in this policy.

Your consent

  • By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.


Return Policies

30 Day Warranty Exchange Policy

We warrant all of our products except balloon nozzles (F-2s & F-3s) for a period of 30 days from the shipment date, and will replace any defective product within that period. Item must have been purchased from us and not from one of our distributors. If you bought an item from one of our distributors you must go through them for any type of return.

Balloon nozzles (F-2s & F-3s) have 5 days from the day of delivery to contact us for a warranty exchange. Due to the nature and design of all balloon nozzles (F-2s & F-3s) they are not intended to be used daily and should be well cared if you intend to keep it for years.

Return and shipping of a replacement item will be at our cost. Please call us at 800-708-0477 (9am 5 pm PST) or e-mail us at to arrange for a warranty exchange.

30 Day Exchange and Refund Policy

Due to the sanitary nature of our business only items that are sealed in the original airtight plastic packaging qualify for a full refund or exchange minus shipping.

The following items qualify for a full refund or exchange only if in original packaging:

  • Balloon nozzles (F-2s and F-3s)
  • Black nozzle tips
  • 4 Quart Classic bag (rubber and silicone)
  • Air pumps
  • Miscellaneous connectors or other items sealed in air tight packaging

Any item not on the above list is up to our discretion if we will accept a return or not. We will do everything we can to make our customers happy. Items that aren't sealed can't be resold again so please call us if you are dissatisfied with any of our items and I'm sure we can work everything out. Please call us at 800-708-0477 (9am 5 pm PST) or e-mail us at to discuss matters further.



Cancellation Policy

E-mail us at along with your automated order confirmation as soon as possible. If order has not been processed it is easy for us to not bill your credit card. Please see below if we notify you your order has been processed.

  • Only orders that have not been processed can be cancelled. Once orders are processed the order has already been shipped out. You will need to return the unopened package from us at your own expense and we will refund your entire purchase minus the shipping cost to you. If package is rejected on your end we will have to also deduct the return expense from your refund as well. Once again do not open the box if you want a refund on all the items. If our original box is opened we will not be able to accept the package as many items can't be resold due to the sanitary nature of our business.




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